TEM#106 Hydrogen for 100% Energy Systems

6 April 2023
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6 April 2023 Task 11

TEM 106 Hydrogen for 100% Renewable Energy Systems

September 6-7, 2023 


The goal of the meeting is to lay the groundworkfor a cross-cutting collaboration between the wind, PVand hydrogen TCPsmanaged by IEA Secretariat. The ultimate goal isto address the specific challenge of 100% renewable energy system and realise theIEA 2050 net zero scenario.


This TEM aims to narrow the scope of the discussion and move the conversation from broader awareness and siloed thinking to specific actions that can be taken. This will be achieved by encouraging focused debate on specific key issues, as opposed totechnology status updates and introductions to individual research projects by members of the TCPs. There will be scope for members to familiarise themselves with each other’s work in advance, but the focus will be concise and collaborativediscussion giving rise to well-defined research aims. As an ideal outcome, one or morebriefs detailing the goals of a new task will be produced.


Day 1 : Direct Production or Systems Integration

Day 2 : Optimum Electricity Mix Considering Green Hydrogen

Day 3: Pricing Green Hydrogen


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