Wind Power Prediction Project List

This list shows a large number of (mostly publically funded) research projects in short-term forecasting of wind power. The list is incomplete, as the emphasis was a) on current projects, and b) on projects collected from the Task participants. Even so, the list contains research projects from the last two decades worth 46 M€, with 32 M€ public funding, though not all of this can be attributed to forecasting (e.g. the IRP Wind or RAVE projects).

If you have additions or comments, please send them to the Operating Agent, Gregor Giebel.


Project acronym 

Full title


Total / Funded budget

Start – end date 


(IEA Task 36 members in bold)

DE  e-TWINS Verbundvorhaben: e-TWINS ‘ Ganzheitliche digitale Zwillingstechnologie für das Energiesystem BMWi (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie) 1.96 M€ / 1.96 M€ Jan 2020 – Dec 2022


TU München Windenergie, Hochschule München, Mesh Engineering

EU Smart4RES Next Generation Modelling and Forecasting of
Variable Renewable Generation for Large-scale Integration in Energy Systems and Markets
EU Horizon2020  4 M€ / 4 M€ 1 Nov 2019 – 30 Apr 2023

Armines, DTU, INESC TEC, EDP,  Meteo-France, emsys, DNV GL,

Whiffle, Dowel, ICCS, HEDNO,  DLR

DK Flexible Energy Denmark Flexible Energy Denmark Innovation Fund Denmark + Power supply companies 6.0 M€ / 4.1 M€ 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2023


Center Denmark, AAU, SDU, AU, EWII, Konstant, Novasol, Eurisco, EMD International, NeoGrid, Aalborg Forsyning, TREFOR, NorthQ, Centrica, Danfoss, Tomorrow, xTel, ABB

EU  EoCoE II Energy Oriented Center of Excellence : toward exascale for energy EU Horizon2020  9.2M€ 1.1.2019-31.12.2021 18 teams in 7 countries including

Fraunhofer IEE

DK  [link] IEA Wind Task 36 Phase II Danish Consortium EUDP (national Danish funding) 500k€ / 300k€ 1 Jan 2019 – 31 Dec 2021

DTU, ConWX, ENFOR, DNV, WEPROG, Ea Energianalyse, Energinet

DE ParkCast Optimization of minute-scale power forecasts of offshore wind farms using long-range lidar measurements and data assimilation BMWi (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie) 1.14M€ / 1.14M€ 1 Nov 2018 – 31 Oct.2021

Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE) at University of Stuttgart, Center for Solar and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW), WEPROG (as subcontractor)

EU SysFlex Pan-European system with an efficient coordinated use of flexibilities for the integration of a large EU Horizon2020 20M€ Nov 2017 – Oct 2021  24 teams in 15 countries including

Fraunhofer IEE

DE gridcast Increasing supply reliability by using flexible weather and power forecast models based on stochastic and physical hybrid methods German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) 6 M€ / 5.5 M€ Apr 2017 – Mar 2021

Fraunhofer IWESGerman Weather Service, Enercon,

Amprion, TenneT, 50Hertz, TransnetBW, Innogy, Netze BW, EnBW

EU  InteGrid Demonstration of INTElligent grid technologies for renewables INTEgration and INTEractive consumer participation enabling INTEroperable market solutions and INTErconnected stakeholders European Commission (Horizon 2020) 14.5 M€ / 11.3 M€ 1 Jan 2017 – 30 Jun 2020


EDP Distribuição (Coordinator), EDP CNET, Águas de Portugal, Elektro Ljubljana, Ellevio, KTH, CyberGrid, AIT, GE, SAP, SIM, Univ. Comillas

DK OffshoreWake Large scale offshore wake impact on the Danish power system ForskEL (administered by EUDP) 6.879 MDKK / 6.063 MDKK 1 May 2017 – 30 Apr 2020

DTU Wind Energy, Vattenfall

NO NowWind Nowcasting for wind energy production – an integrated modelling approach The Research Council of Norway (ENERGIX) 12 MNOK / 6.3 MNOK
(1.3 / 0.7 M€)
2016 – 2019

MET Norway, Windsim AS, Vestas Wind Systems AS, Kjeller Vindteknikk AS,

TrønderEnergi AS

FR FOREWER Modélisation, prévision et évaluation des risques pour la production d’énergie éolienne Agence Nationale de la Recherche (French) 2160 k€ /  481 k€ 1 Oct 2014 – 31 Mar 2019

ENGIE Green,

Université Paris 7, Ecole Polytechnique, EDF, RTE, CNRS

FR meteo*swift Development of a short-term wind power forecasting tool based on adaptive multi-agent systems and ensemble weather forecasts FEDER EU funding & Occitania French region ~1 M€ / ~500 k€ Mar 2016 – Mar 2018


National Weather Research Center (part of Météo-France), Toulouse Computer Science Research Institute

DK  [link] IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting Danish Consortium EUDP (nationally Danish) 2.72 MDKK /  1.83 MDKK Jan 2016 – Dec 2018

DTU Wind Energy, DTU Elektro, DTU Compute, DMI, ENFOR, DNV GL, WEPROG, Vestas,

US IEA Task on Development & Use of Probabilistic Forecasts for Wind Energy Department of Energy USA $22,732 Sep 2016 – Sep 2017


DE ORKA2 Optimierung von Ensembleprognosen regenerativer Einspeisung für den Kürzestfristbereich am Anwendungsbeispiel der Netzsicherheitsrechnungen und der Strombelastbarkeitsprognosen BMWi (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie) 501 k€ / 501 k€ Jan 2016 – Dec 2018

Deutscher Wetterdienst,

energy & meteo systems, 50hertz, avacon

US WFIP 2 (alternate link) Second Wind Forecast Improvement Project U.S. Department of Energy $17M USD /  $17M USD 1 Oct 2015 – 30 Sep 2018 VaisalaNOAA/ESRL, NOAA/ARL, NOAA/NWS, NREL, PNNL,

Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

EU EoCoE Energy oriented Centre of Excellence EU Horizon2020 ~5.5 M€ / ~1.4 M€ Oct 2015 – Sep 2018 21 teams in 8 countries, lead by Maison de la Simulation, including

Fraunhofer IWES

EU IRP Wind Integrated EU R&D efforts on wind energy EU 7th Framework Programme (Project ID: 609795) ~ 10 M€ / ~10 M€ Mar 2014 – Feb 2018 24 European teams (participants of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Joint Programme on Wind Energy) lead by

DTU Wind Energy

DE PriME Innovative probabilistic methods for energy system technology German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) ~1 M€ / ~1 M€ Jan 2015 – Dec 2017


University Kassel, EnerginetDK, Netze BW

FR/DK HD-RESforecast High-dimensional dynamical models for improving renewable energy forecasting at distributed locations EDF 116 k€ / 65 k€ Nov 2015 –

DTU Elektro,


DE VORKAST Optimisation of design and operational management for hybrid power plants and energy storage technologies by means of wind and PV power now casting (Optimierung der Auslegung und Betriebsführung von Kombikraftwerken und Speichertechnologien mittels Kürzestfristvorhersagen der Wind- und PV-Leistung) Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology 1 M€ / 1 M€ 1 Sep 2014 – 31 Oct 2017 ZSW – Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (Project lead)
SWE – Stuttgart Wind Energy @ Institute of Aircraft Design, University of Stuttgart
DE IMOWEN Securely integrating wind farm clusters in the grid German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) ~1.6 M€ / ~1.4 M€ Aug 2014 – July 2017


Avacon, Senvion

DE SMART GRID SOLAR Bavarian ministry for economy, EU infrastructure fund “Investments for the future” 10 M€ / 6.3 M€ 2012 – 2018 Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research (ZAE), 3 Fraunhofer institutes,  9 other partners and


PT P1 Renewable Energy Dispatch Tools China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI); State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) 2 M€ / – 1 Jul 2013 – 31 Dec 2016



DK X-WiWa Extreme winds and waves for offshore turbines ForskEL (PSO) 5.96 MDKK / 5.4 MDKK 1 Jun 2013 – 2017

DTU Wind Energy, Uni Research,

DHI, Bergen University

DE EWeLiNE Erstellung innovativer Wetter- und Leistungsprognosemodelle für die Netzintegration wetterabhängiger Energieträger Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie 7.06 M€ / 6.5 M€ Dec 2012 – Feb 2017

Fraunhofer IWESDWD,

Amprion, TenneT, 50Hertz

DE PerduS Photovoltaikertragsreduktion durch Saharastaub BMWi (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie) 962 k€ / 962 k€ Nov 2012 – Feb 2017

Deutscher Wetterdienst, 

KIT, meteocontrol

EU SafeWind Multi-scale data assimilation, advanced wind modeling and forecasting with emphasis to extreme weather situations for a secure large-scale wind power integration EU 7th Framework Programme (FP7-ENERGY, Project ID: 213740) 5.6 M€ / 3.98 M€ 1 Sep 2008 – 31 Aug 2012

Armines, DTU, Risø, Uni Oldenburg, ENFOR, Overspeed, CENER,

and 13 other partners including TERI (IN) and CSIRO (AU)

DK DEWEPS Development and Evaluation of a new wind profile theory with an Ensemble Prediction System Danish PSO Fund 480 k€ / 180 k€ 1 Apr 2009 – 31 Dec 2011


EU Advanced Tools for the Management of Electricity Grids with Large-Scale Wind Generation EU 6th Framework Programme (Project ID: 38692) 5.7 M€ / 2.6 M€ 1 Jan 2008 – 30 Jun 2011

Armines, DTU, Risø, ENFOR, Overspeed, CENER, INESC

and 14 other partners

DE RAVE Research at Alpha Ventus – Grid Integration of offshore wind farms BMU, German ministry for the Environment 5 M€ (60-80% funded) 2008 – 2011

Fraunhofer IWES, Forwind – University Oldenburg, Deutscher Wetterdienst, WEPROG

DK HREnsembleHR High-resolution Ensemble for Horns Reef Danish PSO Fund (Contract No. 2006-1-6387)  700 k€ / 400 k€ 1 Apr 2006 – 31 Dec 2009

WEPROG, DTU IMM, DTU Risø, Fraunhofer IWES, DONG Energy, Vattenfall

EU POW’WOW Prediction of Waves, Wakes and Offshore Wind EU 6th Framework Programme (Project ID 19898) 1.05 M€ / 1.05 M€ 1 Oct 2005 – 30 Mar 2009

Risø, DTU, Armines, CENER, Uni Oldenburg, Fraunhofer IWES

and 8 other partners including UFPE (BR)

EU HONEYMOON A High resOlution Numerical wind EnergY Model for On- and Offshore forecasting using eNsemble predictions EU FP5-EESD (Project ID: ENK5-CT-2002-00606) 1.25 M€ / 892 k€ 1 Jan 2003 – 31 Dec 2004

DMIE.On, I/S Eltra, Uni Oldenburg,

University College Cork, Espace Eolien Developpement, EWE, INM, PowerGen Renewables

 EU ANEMOS Development of a next generation wind resource forecasting system for the large-scale integration of onshore and offshore wind farms EU 5th Framework Programme (Project ID: ENK5-CT-2002-00665) 4.3 M€ / 2.5 M€ 1 Oct 2002 – 30 Sep 2006

Armines, DTU, Uni Oldenburg, CENER, IASA

and 16 others from TSOs to meteorologists

 EU EU Sysflex Pan-European system with an efficient coordinated use of flexibilities for the integration of a large share of RES European Comission
(Horizon 2020)
26 M€ / 20 M€ 1 Nov 2017 – 31 Oct. 2021 ENERCON, INESCTEC,

AKKA, AST, CNET, Cybernetica, e-distribuzione S.p.A., EDPD, EirGrid PLC, Enoco, Fraunhofer IEE, ESADE, Guardtime, Helen, EURACTIV, Imperial, innogy, KU Leuven, NCNR, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne SA, PÖYRY, RSE, SIEMENS, SONI, UTartu, VTT, Uni Kassel, UCD, UPSIDE, VITO

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