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# Title Year Location Documents
97 Wind Farm Control 2019 Amsterdam, the Netherlands Community Page
96 Wind Plant Decommissioning, Repowering and Recycling 2019 Rome, Italy Community Page
95 Reliability/Availability of Electrical Infrastructure 2019 Blyth, United Kingdom Community Page
94 Ultra-Long Component Testing 2019 Boulder, CO, USA Community Page
93 Wind Turbine Lifetime Extension 2018 Roskilde, Denmark Community Page
92 Wind Energy and Digitalization 2018 Roskilde, Denmark Community Page
91 Durability and Damage Tolerant Design of Wind Turbine Blades 2018 Bozeman, MT, USA Community Page
90 Strategic Dialog for Community and Distributed Wind 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark Community Page
89 Grand Vision for Wind Energy 2017 Golden, USA Community Page
88 Three-Way V&V between Data, High-Fidelity Models, and Engineering Models 2017 Glasgow, Scotland Community Page
87 Smart Structures for Large Wind Turbine Rotor Blades 2017 Roskilde, Denmark Community Page
86 Downwind Turbines 2016 Tokyo, Japan Introductory Note
85 Wind Power Plant Financial Risk and Uncertainty (Onshore and Offshore) 2016 Utrecht, Netherlands Introductory Note
84 Aerodynamics 2016 Boulder, USA Proceedings
83 Mitigation of Wind Turbine Impacts on Radar 2015 Wachtberg, Germany Proceedings
82 Uncertainty Quantification of Wind Farm Flow Models 2015 Gotland, Sweden Proceedings
81 Noise Reduction Technologies 2015 Meeting Cancelled
80 Wind Energy Systems Engineering: Integrated RD&D 2015 Broomfield, USA Proceedings
79 Meso-scale to Micro-scale Model Coupling 2014 Meeting Cancelled
78 Field Test Instrumentation and Measurement Best Practices 2014 Lubbock, USA Proceedings
77 Best Practices for Wind Turbine and Plant End of Life 2014 Meeting Cancelled
76 Floating Offshore Wind Plants 2014 Canary Islands, Spain Proceedings
75 Wind Energy in Complex Terrain 2013 Stuttgart, Germany Proceedings
74 2013 Meeting Cancelled
73 2013 Meeting Cancelled
72 Forecasting 2013 Milan, Italy Proceedings
71 Wind Farm Control Methods 2012 Solna, Sweden Proceedings
70 Social Acceptance of Wind Energy 2012 Biel, Switzerland Proceedings
69 2012 Meeting Cancelled
68 Advances in Wind Turbine and Component Testing 2012 Aachen, Germany Proceedings
67 Long Term R&D Needs for Wind Power 2011 Kassel, Germany Proceedings
66 Offshore Foundation Technology and Knowledge for Shallow, Middle, and Deep Water 2011 Esbjerg, Denmark Proceedings
65 International Statistical Analysis on Wind Turbine Failures 2011 Brussels, Belgium Proceedings
64 Wind Conditions for Wind Turbine Design 2010 Tokyo, Japan Proceedings
63 High Reliability Solutions & Innovative Concepts for Offshore Wind Turbines 2010 Trondheim, Norway Proceedings
62 Micrometeorology inside Wind Farms and Wakes between Wind Farms 2010 Navarra, Spain Proceedings
61 Wind Farms in Complex Terrain 2010 Pohang, South Korea Proceedings
60 Radar, Radio Links, and Wind Turbines 2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands Proceedings
59 Remote Wind Speed Sensing Techniques using SODAR and LIDAR 2009 Boulder, USA Proceedings
58 Sound Propagation Models and Validation 2009 Stockholm, Sweden Proceedings
57 Wind Turbine Drivetrain Dynamics and Reliability 2008 Jyvaskyla, Finland Proceedings
56 The Application of Smart Structures for Large Wind Turbine Rotor Blades 2008 Albuquerque, USA Proceedings
55 Long-Term Research Needs In the Frame of the IEA Wind Co-operative Agreement 2007 Berlin, Germany Proceedings
54 Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects 2007 Luzerne, Switzerland Proceedings
53 Radar, Radio and Wind Turbines 2007 Oxford, UK Proceedings
52 Wind and Wave Measurements at Offshore Locations 2007 Berlin, Germany Proceedings
51 State of the Art of Remote Wind Speed Sensing Techniques Using SODAR,
LIDAR, and Satellites
2007 Roskilde, Denmark Proceedings
50 The Application of SMART Structures for Large Wind Turbine Rotor Blades 2006 Delft, Netherlands Proceedings
49 Challenges of Introducing Reliable Small Wind Turbines 2006 Stockholm, Sweden Proceedings
48 Operation and Maintenance of Wind Power Stations 2006 Madrid, Spain Proceedings
47 Methodologies for Estimation of Cost of Wind Energy and the Methodologies to Estimate the Impact of Research on the Cost 2005 Paris, France Proceedings
46 Obstacle Marking of Wind Turbines 2005 Stockholm, Sweden Proceedings
45 Radar, Radio Links and Wind Turbines 2005 London, UK Proceedings
44 System Integration of Wind Turbines 2004 Dublin, Ireland Proceedings
43 Critical Issues Regarding Offshore Technology and Deployment 2004 Fredericia, Denmark Proceedings
42 Acceptability in Implementation of Wind Turbines in Social Landscapes 2004 Stockholm, Sweden Proceedings
41 Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems 2003 Portland, USA Proceedings
40 Environmental issues of offshore wind farms 2002 Husum, Germany Proceedings
39 Power Performance of Small Wind Turbines not connected to the Grid 2002 Soria, Spain Proceedings
38 Material Recycling and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) 2002 Risø, Denmark Proceedings
37 Structural Reliability of Wind Turbines 2001 Risø, Denmark Proceedings
36 Large Scale Integration 2001 Hexham, UK Proceedings
35 Long term R&D needs for wind energy for the time frame 2000 - 2020 2001 Petten, Netherlands Proceedings
34 Noise Immission 2000 Stockholm, Sweden Proceedings
33 Wind Forecasting Techniques 2000 Boulder, USA Proceedings
32 Wind Energy Under Cold Climates 1999 Helsinki, Finland Proceedings
31 State of the Art on Wind Resource Estimation 1998 Lyngby, Denmark Proceedings
30 Power Performance Assessments 1997 Athens, Greece Proceedings
29 Aero-acoustic Noise of Wind Turbines 1997 Milan, Italy Proceedings
28 State of the art of aeroelastic codes for wind turbines 1996 Lyngby, Denmark Proceedings
27 Current R&D needs in wind energy technology 1995 Utrecht, Netherlands Proceedings
26 Lightning protection of wind turbine generator systems and EMC problems in the associated control systems 1994 Milan, Italy Proceedings
25 Increased loads in wind power stations (wind farms) 1993 Gothenburg, Sweden Proceedings
24 Wind conditions for wind turbine design 1993 Risø, Denmark Proceedings
23 Fatigue of wind turbines, full-scale blade testing and non-destructive testing 1992 Golden, USA Proceedings
22 Effects of environment on wind turbine safety and performance 1992 Wilhelmshaven, Germany Proceedings
21 Electrical systems for wind turbines with constant or variable speed 1991 Gothenburg, Sweden Proceedings
20 Wind characteristics of relevance for wind turbine design 1991 Stockholm, Sweden Proceedings
19 Wind turbine control systems-strategy and problems 1990 London, UK Proceedings
18 Noise generating mechanisms for wind turbines 1989 Petten, Netherlands Proceedings
17 Integrating wind turbines into utility power systems 1989 Herndon, USA Proceedings
16 Requirements for safety systems for LS WECS 1988 Rome, Italy Proceedings
15 General planning and environmental issues of LS WECS installations 1987 Hamburg, Germany
14 Modeling of atmospheric turbulence for use in WECS rotor loading calculations 1985 Stockholm, Sweden Proceedings
13 Economic aspects of wind turbines 1985 Petten, Netherlands Proceedings
12 Aerodynamic calculation methods for WECS 1984 Copenhagen, Denmark Proceedings
11 General environmental aspects 1984 Munich, Germany Proceedings
10 Utility and operational experience from major wind installations 1983 Palo Alto, USA Proceedings
9 Structural design criteria for LS WECS 1983 Greenford, UK Proceedings
8 Safety assurance and quality control of LS WECS during assembly, erection and acceptance testing 1982 Stockholm, Sweden Proceedings
7 Costing of wind turbines 1981 Copenhagen, Denmark Proceedings
6 Reliability and maintenance problems of LS WECS 1981 Aalborg, Denmark
5 Environmental and safety aspects of the present LS WECS 1980 Munich, Germany Proceedings
4 Rotor blade technology with special respect to fatigue design 1980 Stockholm, Sweden Proceedings
3 Data acquisition and analysis for LS WECS 1979 Blowing Rock, USA Proceedings
2 Control of LS WECS and adaption of wind electricity to the network 1979 Copenhagen, Denmark Proceedings
1 Seminar on structural dynamics 1978 Munich, Germany Proceedings

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