IEA Wind TCP Task 11

Wind SCOUT (Strategy, Collaboration & Outreach on Urgent Topics of Wind Energy Research)

About Task 11

Task 11 is one of the most productive research Tasks under the IEA Wind TCP. The Task’s objective is to promote and disseminate knowledge on emerging wind energy topics. This is accomplished through Topical Expert Meetings (TEMs), where invited experts exchange information on R&D topics of common interest to the IEA Wind members, and through the development and dissemination of IEA Wind TCP Recommended Practices.

Recommended Practices

As of 2017, Task 11 has helped develop and disseminate 17 Recommended Practices. Many of the IEA Wind Recommended Practices have served as the basis for both national and international standards.

Recommended Practices are developed by ad hoc working groups that draft the documents. The OA of Task 11 assists with administrative issues and organizes the review cycle. Sometimes the ad hoc working groups are participants in another IEA Wind Research Task. In this case, some work of the task can be written and reviewed as a Recommended Practice. IEA Wind’s Recommended Practices are available in the public online library.

Topical Expert Meeting (TEMs)

TEMs are conducted as workshops where information is presented and discussed openly. Meetings are generally held over two days and hosted by interested organizations in participating countries. Task 11 organizes four TEMs each year on various topics. The TEMs bring the latest knowledge to attendees and the proceedings are available to other researchers in participating countries. One year after each meeting, the proceedings are available to all countries worldwide.

Online Expert Community

Furthermore, with the launch of the new IEA Wind website and platform in 2017, a Task 11 online community has been created to create a space facilitating exchanges between all experts involved within IEA Wind TCP: Members or Alternate Member of the Executive Committee, research task participants or country representative that participated to one or several TEMs. This community will be managed and further developed by Task 11 OA in collaboration with the Secretary.



Task 11 Participants

Who can participate in Task 11?

To participate in Task 11 meetings, experts must be in countries that are members of the IEA Wind TCP. Most countries in the IEA Wind TCP participate in Task 11 and experts within those countries can be invited to attend Topical Expert Meetings. The proceedings from these meetings are immediately available to researchers in those countries that support Task 11.

To access proceedings from recent meetings or to inquire about participation in upcoming meetings, researchers should contact the Executive Committee representative from their country.

Operating Agents

Please contact the Operating Agents below with any questions

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