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Advancing wind energy research, development and deployment

The IEA Wind TCP is an international co-operation of 24 countries and sponsor members
that share information and research activities to advance wind energy deployment.


About us

Founded in 1977, the International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme is an international co-operation that shares information and research to advance wind energy research, development and deployment in member countries. The consortium operates under the auspices of the International Energy Agency (IEA).


IEA Wind TCP member governments establish national targets for renewable energy and wind energy, design market mechanisms and energy policies, and fund research and development (R&D) programs to help reach these targets.


As of 2020, about 85% of the world’s wind generating capacity–and nearly all offshore capacity–resides within the participating countries. To learn more about the work of each participating member, please click on any of the countries or sponsors below.


The IEA Wind TCP is always looking for new members across the globe, and potential new member countries are encouraged to attend meetings and begin the process of joining. For more information on joining the IEA Wind TCP please contact the Secretariat.


The IEA Wind TCP Secretariat is responsible for communications between the members of the ExCo and between the ExCo and Operating Agents, and supporting the ongoing development of the Wind TCP.


The IEA Wind TCP’s Executive Committee, or ExCo, has overall control of the information exchange and R&D tasks. The ExCo consists of one member and one alternate member from each contracting party.


In addition to their national wind energy development and deployment efforts, each member country participates in at least one IEA Wind TCP research task. R&D tasks performed are approved by the ExCo as Annexes to the original Implementing Agreement.



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Task 45 Guideline on the establishment of Traceability and Value Chains for the recycling of wind turbine blades
Task 45 Guideline for Legislation and Policy on End-of-Life Wind Turbine Blade Waste
Task 45 Preliminary summary of policies, legislation, guidelines and initiatives that address the end-of-life of wind turbine blades
Task 45 Blade End-of-Life Treatments:  State of the Art, Challenges, Barriers & Environmental Impacts
Task 45 A review of the current state of blade design and novel materials research for improved recyclability of wind turbine blades
Task 45 Evaluating Recyclability of wind turbine blades
Task 55: The IEA Wind 740-10-MW Reference Offshore Wind Plants
Task 32 Recommended Practice 18: Floating Lidar Systems
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