Many groups and organisations have participated in Task 30 events. A list of the organisations that have participated so far from each country is provided for reference, along with the names of the organisation that pays for Task 30 (“Task 30 is funded by…”). This list includes the names that were in use at the time that organisation joined the mailing list or took part in an event and so may have changed.

Other organisations from those countries are very welcome to join our events, but you should coordinate with the organisation paying the Task fees.

Who can participate in Task 30?

Participation is open to organizations in the member countries of the IEA Wind Agreement. Participating countries pay an annual fee of €5,000. There is no limit on the number of experts who can contribute from each member country, but each contributor should be approved by the country’s IEA Wind ExCo representative.

It is recommended that researchers actively involved with model development and load prediction participate. Participants should attend all meetings and exchange information by email, net conferencing, and telecoms throughout the project. They decide on the details of the project and take part in writing the final reports. Participants agree to run cases according to inputs prescribed by committee consensus using appropriate computer simulation software.

Participants may join the working group at any time if they have the approval of their country’s ExCo representative and are current with their dues in the year of entry.


Operating Agent

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March 17, 2016-Amy Robertson, NWTC Senior Engineer. (Photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL)

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