About Task 39

The goal of IEA Wind TCP Task 39 is to accelerate the development and deployment of quiet wind turbine technology and consolidate understanding of wind turbine sound emission, propagation, and ultimately its perception by residents. The Task will convene an international expert panel to identify best practices in the prediction, measurement, and assessment of noise, as well as investigate regulatory aspects.


Task 39 Roadmap

The Task 39 was initiated during year 2017, and the kick-off meeting took place in November 2017. This first Phase of the Task officially ended up at the end of 2020, and extension to a second Phase, which will be submitted with a revised work programme at the ExCo 87 meeting in May 2021, is pending approval.


Phase l

The Task 39 Phase 1 work programme was articulated around three work packages corresponding to key aspects of wind turbine noise. In each of these, a number of potential sub-tasks to be addressed were identified, and some of them were selected as collaborative work activities. The first work package (WP) focuses on Interdisciplinary Education and Guidance. WP 2 deals with physics of noise and technical aspects of wind turbine noise. WP 3 is concerned about the psychology of noise, including psycho-acoustic and human perception of wind turbine noise. Unfortunately, there has been no contributions to this part of the Task from specialists in this domain during the first phase of the task.


Phase ll

In Phase 2 of Task 39, the objective is to propose a work programme with a more balanced approach for addressing both engineering and socio-psychological aspects, and will be detailed later on this website, once this extension of Task 39 has been approved by the IEA Wind TCP Executive Committee (at ExCo 87 meeting, May 2021).


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