About Task 19

The international expert group IEA Wind TCP Task 19 “Wind Energy in Cold Climates” gathers and provides information about wind energy in cold climates

Cold Climate areas are regions where icing events or periods with temperatures below the operational limits of standard wind turbines occur, which may impact project implementation, economics, and safety.

Our mission is to improve the large-scale deployment of cold climate wind power in a safe and economically feasible manner.

The group studies a variety of topics, including project development; operation and maintenance (O&M); health, safety, and environment (HSE), standardization, and recent research.


Task 19 Roadmap

The current, highly ambitious Task 19 working period runs between 2019-2021 and covers the following themes, topics and tentative delivery schedule:

Q1/2020 - Q2/2021

Deployment of wind energy in cold climate

- Ice protection systems & retrofits - performance and experiences presentation (Q1/2020)
- Cold Climate world market study update 2020-2025 (Q2/2020)
- Icing forecast fact sheet (Q3/2020)
- Available Technologies wikipage (Q2/2021)

Q4/2019 - Q3/2021

Towards standardized practices for cold climate solutions

- T19IceLossMethod IPS update (Q4/2019)
- Performance evaluation guidelines for wind turbine ice detection systems report (Q2/2020)
- Finalize IEC 61400-15 ed1 "Site energy yield assessment" cold climate inputs (Q3/2020)
- Performance Warranty Guidelines for Wind Turbines in Icing Climates report update (Q3/2020)
- Recommended Practices - report edition 3 + fact sheet (Q2/2021)
- Icephobic coating testing best practices report (Q3/2021)


Safety and acceptance

- Ice throw recommendations report update (Q3/2021)
- Iced turbine sound emissions summary (Q3/2021)


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