Task 41 Publications

This page offers links to IEA Task 41 member publications related to distributed wind. Task 41 deliverable documents such as progress reports, milestones, and work plans can be viewed and downloaded on the Work Plan and Objectives page.

Wind as a Distributed Energy Resource

This Task 41 fact sheet provides an overview of distributed wind applications and the IEA Task 41.

Distributed Wind Terminology

Task 41 members compiled a list of terminology related to distributed wind, with definitions gathered from an international review of standards, policies, and research. As distributed wind is not uniformly defined across the world, the terms used to describe it can also vary. This list of terminology can help the international community find common ground when discussing distributed wind, aiding in streamlined collaboration efforts.

IEA Task 41 Member Collaboration Publications

Astolfi, D., Byrne, R., and Castellani, F. 2021. Estimation of the Performance Aging of the Vestas V52 Wind Turbine through Comparative Test Case Analysis.

Bianchini, A., Bangga, G., Baring-Gould, I., Croce, A., Cruz, J. I., Damiani, R., Erfort, G., Simao Ferreira, C., Infield, D., Nayeri, C. N., Pechlivanoglou, G., Runacres, M., Schepers, G., Summerville, B., Wood, D., and Orrell, A. Current status and grand challenges for small wind turbine technology, Wind Energ. Sci., 7, 2003–2037, 2022.

Byrne, R., Astolfi, D., Castellani, F., and Hewitt, N.J. 2020. A Study of Wind Turbine Performance Decline with Age through Operation Data Analysis.

Byrne, R. and MacArtain, P. October 2022. “The 15-year operational experiences of an 850 kW peri-urban wind turbine: Lessons learned from a behind-the-meter installation in Ireland.” Energy for Sustainable Development, 70, pp. 342–360.

Preziuso, D., Orrell, A., and Godreau, C. September 2022. “A Framework for Characterizing the Risk of Ice Fall and Ice Throw from Small Wind Turbines.” Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. PNNL-33214.

Preziuso, D., Sempreviva, A., Orrell, A. June 2021. Deliverable D12 – Distributed Wind Data Catalog Development Guide and Instruction Manual.

IEA Wind Task 27 (Small Wind Turbines in High-Turbulence Sites) Publications

Compendium of IEA Wind TCP Task 27 Case Studies
This document highlights and summarizes work from the participating countries related to small wind turbines and turbulence.

Expert Group Report on Recommended Practices: Micro-Siting Small Wind Turbines for Highly Turbulent Sites
This document collects lessons learned from extensive data collection and modeling activities and presents the results of research and analysis efforts in the area of micro-siting small wind turbines for highly turbulent sites.

Recommended Practices for Wind Turbine Testing and Evaluation: Consumer Label for Small Wind Turbines
This document describes a method for producing the IEA Wind Consumer Label for Small Wind Turbines. It is an international label, which presents test results based on IEC standards in a condensed and comparable form regardless of where the testing has been conducted.

IEA Wind Task 27 Small Wind Turbine Technical Report Draft
This technical report provides a series of recommendations based on Task 27 research results that should be considered in future standards-making activities for IEC 61400-2. While these recommendations are preliminary in nature and require further validation, many of the results suggest changes to turbulence characteristics, loads models, and methods, as well as the development of a new turbine design classification.

Other Publications of Interest

IEA Wind Task 41 supports the use of Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) data principles. Watch this video to learn more about FAIR.

The Selecting, Implementing, and Funding Distributed Wind Systems In Federal Facilities on-demand, web-based training was designed for United States Federal agencies, but most of the material is relevant to any entity interested in learning about distributed wind projects. The training is divided into modules, and only the module about procurement and financing is specific to federal agencies. Accessing the training requires creating a free account.

The U.S. Department of Energy publishes annual distributed wind market reports.

Task members from Inner Mongolia University of Technology have published the following papers relative to Task 41 research:


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