About Task 42

The objectives of the proposed IEA Wind Task on wind turbine lifetime extension are to coordinate international research activities towards the assessment of the remaining operational life of wind turbines near the end of their certified design life and identification of strategies for extending the end of useful life.

This will be done through research activities for determining the probability of failure of different wind turbine components upon continued operation, the examination of procedures that demonstrate the feasibility for life extension, the requirements for maintenance, and to recommend findings to international standards and regulatory bodies.

The partners in this task have significant experience on the above topics and also have analyzed measurements from many commercial wind farms.

A key initial part of this task will be to document the existing state-of-the-art lifetime extension as applied to wind turbines and to identify missing segments that are necessary to assess the remaining life of the wind turbine. The usefulness of different types of wind farm data and the volume of data needed to assess remaining life or plan maintenance will be investigated.

The project will on a continual basis quantify the site-specific remaining useful life of different types of wind turbines and the procedures to establish this based on the level of available data from the site. The scope is valid for both onshore and offshore wind turbines. This will be done by assessing different failure modes of components and quantifying the probability of failure of these turbine components upon life extension by utilizing existing data systematically.


Task 42 Roadmap


Phase l

Gap analysis on existing procedures required for life extension


Phase ll

Defining the benchmark study for quantifying uncertainty in life prediction methods


Phase lll

Implementing the benchmark study, investigating structural health monitoring processes and preventive maintenance


Phase lV

Comparison of results from benchmark study and determining the value of data


Phase V

Regulatory frameworks and recommendations to standards


Phase Vl

Final IEA Task report with recommended verified practice for life extension

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