Task 44 Purpose

The purpose of IEA Wind Task 44 is to coordinate international research in the fields of wind farm flow control.

Maximize the value of wind energy in systems and markets

by increasing the energy which can be produced from wind power plants.

Lower the cost of land-based and offshore wind energy

by reducing the wake induced loading of the wind turbines.

Foster collaborative research and the exchange of best practices and data

by developing benchmarks and best practices for realistic wind farm flow control models and ensuring easy access to the most up to date knowledge, algorithms and ideas within wind farm control.



Task 44 Participants

Who can participate in Task 44?

To participate in the research activities of Task 44, researchers must reside in a country that participates in the IEA Wind Agreement AND has agreed by official letter to participate in Task 44. The participating member country of the IEA Wind TCP must designate a lead institution that agrees to the obligations of Task participation (pay the annual fee and agree to perform specified parts of the work plan).

Active researchers (performing part of the work plan) benefit from meetings and professional exchange during the term of the Task. Countries participating in the Task benefit from the information developed by the Task. The value of the research performed is many times the cost of the country participation fee or the labor contributed to carrying out the work plan.

For more information, contact the Operating Agent Paul Fleming or the IEA Wind Secretariat.


Operating Agents

Please contact the Operating Agent below with any questions

August 26, 2014- NREL Senior Engineer, Paul Fleming,   (Photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL)

Paul Fleming

Task 44 Operating Agent, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
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