This work will seek to collect, organize, and distribute the state-of-the-art in wind farm control. This
includes developments in research, field trials, and commercial activities. The work package will additionally
collect and report on the expert consensus on wind farm control, through repeated expert elications.
The top overall goal will be to identify both the state-of-the-art, in research and in practice, and through
expert consensus, an identification of best practices and areas in need of research and development.

Activities in this work package include:

  • Development of wind farm control terminology Wind farm control terminology is not used consistently
    across the research and industrial communities. A first portion of work will seek to coordinate
    preferred language to develop consistent terms across the field
  • Development of database or research results and algorithms An online database will be developed
    to collect, organize and disseminate state of the art results in wind farm control. The database
    will be updated regularly and provide an ongoing picture of the current state of the art in wind
    farm flow control.
  • Expert elicitations Several surveys of experts across research and industry will be carried out to develop
    consensus on what is current best practice in wind farm control, what are the barriers to wide
    adoption, and what research is needed
  • Recommendations and best practices based on the analysis of state of the art and expert elicitations,
    a set of recommendations and a best practice for WFC design and deployment will be developed.
  • Workshops in support of all of the above activities, workshops will be arranged for discussion and
    dissemination of recent research