Read the latest Task 48 related publications:

Author: Petrick, K., van Hagen, L., Schmehl, R., Wilhelm, S.

Year: 2021.

Title: Life-Cycle Assessment of an Airborne Wind Energy System, Interreg NWE – MegaAWE project.

Affiliation: Airborne Wind Europe.


Author: Petrick, K., Houle, C.

Year: 2023.

Title: Safe Operation and Airspace Integration of Airborne Wind Energy Systems – White Paper of the AWE industry.

Affiliation: Airborne Wind Europe.


Author: BVG Associates on behalf of Airborne Wind Europe

Year: 2022.

Title: “Getting airborne – the need to realise the benefits of airborne wind energy for net zero”, September 2022.

Affiliation: BVG Associates.


Author: Eijkelhof, D., Rapp, S., Fasel, U., Gaunaa, M., Schmehl, R.

Year: 2020.

Title: Reference Design and Simulation Framework of a Multi-Megawatt Airborne Wind Energy System.

Affiliation: TU Delft.


Author: Eijkelhof, D., Schmehl, R.

Year: 2022

Title: Six-Degrees-of-Freedom Simulation Model for Future Multi-Megawatt Airborne Wind Energy Systems. Renewable Energy 196, 137–150

Affiliation: TU Delft.


Author: Joshi, R., Terzi, D. v., Kruijff, M., Schmehl, R

Year: 2022.

Title: Techno-economic analysis of power smoothing solutions for pumping airborne wind energy systems.

Affiliation: TU Delft.


Author: Schmidt, H.

Year: 2022.

Title: The Social Acceptance of Airborne Wind Energy: A Literature Review.

Affiliation: TU Delft.


Author: Thimm, L., Schelbergen, M., Bechtle, P., Schmehl, R.

Year: 2022.

Title: The Airborne Wind Energy Resource Analysis Tool AWERA. In: the 9th international Airborne Wind Energy Conference (AWEC 2021) Book of Abstracts, 22-24 June 2022, Milan.

Affiliation: AWEC.


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