Task 47 Publications


Most of the TURBINIA participants also participated in IEA Task 29. The finding of this project were summarized in an article for the Wind Energy Science journal which can be found here.

The final report from IEA Task 29 can be found here.

A presentation on IEA Task 47 is found here. It was given at the EERA JP Wind SP4 Aerodynamics Loads and Control Falcon 30 50 workshop on February 14 2021

Workshops on TURBINIA which discussed the strategic relevance of results were amongst others organised by DTU in Spring 2023 under the title Recent Achievements in Numerical and Experimental Rotor Aerodynamics: IEA Wind Task 47 IEA Wind Task 47 Workshop ( and by EERA JP Wind SP4 in September 2023 Third day (13/09/2023) – JP Wind Innovation Forum (

Other publications are:

Bangga, G. and Lutz, T., 2021. Aerodynamic modeling of wind turbine loads exposed to turbulent inflow and validation with experimental data. Energy223, p.120076.

Bangga, G., Parkinson, S. and Lutz, T., 2022. Utilizing high fidelity data into engineering model calculations for accurate wind turbine performance and load assessments under design load cases. IET Renewable Power Generation.

Geibel, M. and Bangga, G., 2022. Data Reduction and Reconstruction of Wind Turbine Wake Employing Data Driven Approaches. Energies15(10), p.3773.

Bangga, G., 2022. Consistency between Engineering Models and High Order Methods. In Wind Turbine Aerodynamics Modeling Using CFD Approaches (pp. 8-1). Melville, New York: AIP Publishing LLC.

M. Fredebohm et al Development of an aerodynamic measurement system for wind turbines Windeurope 2023

Barber, S., Deparday, J., Marykovskiy, Y., Chatzi, E., Abdallah, I., Duthé, G., Magno, M., Polonelli, T., Fischer, R., Müller, H.: Development of a wireless, non-intrusive, MEMS-based pressure and acoustic measurement system for large-scale operating wind turbine blades, Wind Energ. Sci. , 2022

Polonelli, T., Deparday, J., Abdallah, I., Barber, S., Chatzi, E., Magno, M.: Instrumentation and Measurement Systems: Aerosense: A Wireless, Non-Intrusive, Flexible, and MEMS-Based Aerodynamic and Acoustic Measurement System for Operating Wind Turbines, IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine,, 2023

 Marykovskiy, Y., Deparday, J., Abdallah, I., & Barber, S. AeroSense Measurements: Aventa AV-7 Taggenberg Winter 2022-2023 Campaign (1–) [dataset]. Gdańsk University of Technology., 2023–azA?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

Finally it is important to mention the Handbook of Wind Energy Aerodynamics which was published by Springer Nature Switzerland AG in Summer 2022 which can be found here.

This handbook targets the professionals, academics, researchers and students working on wind energy aerodynamics and it is meant to give a complete picture of research in the field, taking into account the different approaches which are applied.  Although officially not part of IEA Task 47 two editors of this book participate in TURBINIA and several authors of book chapters participate in TURBINIA. In their chapters they make ample use of the knowledge created in TURBINIA and predecessor IEA Tasks on aerodynamics.


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