About Task 53

By exploring issues identified in the Task 53 Work Packages and tracking wind power cost and value, this Wind Energy Economics Task expands its focus on new wind applications and metrics tailored for a fundamentally different power system in the future. Further, this work supports the IEA and the international community in understanding future wind power economics holistically. Task 53 also seeks to identify opportunities and intelligence on the future cost reduction potential of wind power technologies and to conduct original research on how the value of these technologies can be increased in energy systems around the world.

Task 53 considers the full array of onshore and offshore wind power applications but focuses on megawatt-scale technologies and plants. By compiling data from participating countries, analyzing differences with transparent and consistent methodologies, and disseminating research findings to the broader IEA and international community, the Task serves as a catalyst in bringing about an abundant and clean energy future. For more in-depth information about Task 53 objectives, work packages, and the work plan, see the Wind Energy Economics Task Relaunch Proposal.



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