Task 53 Publications

Task deliverable documents such as progress reports, milestones, and work plans can be viewed and downloaded on the Work Plan and Objectives page.

IEA Task 53 Member Collaboration Publications

Beiter, P., Cooperman, A., Lantz, E., Stehly, T., Shields, M., Wiser, R., Telsnig, T., Kitzing, L., Berkhout, V., and Kikuchi, Y. “Wind power costs driven by innovation and experience with further reductions on the horizon.” United States.

Other Publications of Interest

Beiter, P., Kitzing, L., Spitsen, P., Noonan, M., Berkhout, V., and Kikuchi, Y. 2021. “Toward global comparability in renewable energy procurement.” Joule, Volume 5, Issue 6, pages 1485-1500, ISSN 2542-4351.

Beiter, P., Rand, J., Seel, J., Lantz, E., Gilman, P., and Wiser, R. 2022. “Expert perspectives on the wind plant of the future.” United Kingdom.

Duffy, A., Hand, M., Wiser, R., Lantz, E., Riva, R.D., Berkhout, V., Stenkvist, M., Weir, D., and Lacal-Arántegui, R. 2020. “Land-based wind energy cost trends in Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the United States.” Applied Energy, Volume 277, 114777, ISSN 0306-2619.

Kitzing, L., Jensen, M.K., Telsnig, T., and Lantz, E. 2022. “Multifaceted drivers for onshore wind energy repowering and their implications for energy transition.” Nature Energy volume 5, pages 1012–1021.

Wiser, R., Rand, J., Seel, J., Beiter, P., Baker, E., Lantz, E., and Gilman, P. 2021. “Expert elicitation survey predicts 37% to 49% declines in wind energy costs by 2050.” Nature Energy volume 6, pages 555–565.


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