About Task 43

Our mission is to help bring about a revolution in the way the wind energy industry uses technology. We aim to provide a platform for the dissemination of great ideas, best practices, and collaboration. Specifically, we are working to understand the optimal pathways for the adoption of digital technologies such as:

Data Standards and Data Sharing

Machine Learning and AI

Data Analytics and Visualization

Open Source Tools

IoT instrumentation


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Task 43 Participants

Who can participate in Task 43?

To participate in the research activities of Task 43, researchers must reside in a country that participates in the IEA Wind Agreement AND has agreed by official letter to participate in Task 43. The participating member country of the IEA Wind TCP must designate a lead institution that agrees to the obligations of Task participation (pay the annual fee and agree to perform specified parts of the work plan).

Active researchers (performing part of the work plan) benefit from meetings and professional exchange during the term of the Task. Countries participating in the Task benefit from the information developed by the Task. The value of the research performed is many times the cost of the country participation fee or the labor contributed to carrying out the work plan.

For more information, please contact one of the Operating Agent representatives, Jason Fields and Berthold Hahn, or the Secretary of IEA Wind TCP.


Operating Agents

Please contact the Operating Agents below with any questions

An image of Jason Fields in front of the Flatirons in Colorado.

Jason Fields

Task 43 Operating Agent

Berthold Hahn

Task 43 Operating Agent
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Task 43 Publications

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Task 43 Roadmap / Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about IEA Wind TCP Task 43

What is Digitalization?

From Gartner: " Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business."

In Task 43 this means that we are working to use data, analytics, and sensing to change the way the wind industry works.  We hope to bring together many disparate technologies in a coherent and seamless way to accelerate wind energy deployment while optimizing operations and life assessment. This should mean that we can reduce the cost of energy, improve decision making and empower workers up and down the supply chain.

How can I get engaged?

We welcome participation from a broad range of experts. Please email us or join the slack channel ( for more information on getting started.

What are you working on?

We currently have five active areas of investigation:

  • Work Package 1: Roadmap
  • Technical Area 2: Data Standards and Data Sharing
  • Technical Area 3: Data Science
  • Work Package 4: Digital Wind Resource Assessment
  • Work Package 5: Digital Operations & Maintenance

For a complete list of current activities please visit our group website here:

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