Skills toolbox creation

We are developing a “skills” toolbox for organisations to provide teams and team leaders with the necessary digital skills. This will include communication skills, priority-setting skills in the fast-moving digital world, building trust, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion related skills.

Creation of a funding opportunities list

We are publishing and curating a list of national and international funding opportunities for key topics related to “culture”.

Develop tools for pilot project sandboxes

We are developing and providing tools and guidelines to help organisations create sandboxes that can be used for pilot projects, ultimately creating cultures that allow new types of innovation and change. 

Recommendations paper 

We are writing a recommendations paper for how to connect people and data to foster innovation in wind energy. 

Creation of a network for interdisciplinary collaboration

As well as the Grand Challenges of Digitalisation in Wind Energy paper that was produced as part of IEA Wind Task 43, a separate paper called the “Grand Challenges of Social Sciences in Wind Energy” is being lead by DTU Wind in Denmark. Using these papers as a starting point, we are creating a network for the exchange of knowledge and experience for interdisciplinary topics relevant to digitalisation. 

Implementation of demonstration projects

We are using the results of the rest of this WG to implement projects that demonstrate how to connect people and data to foster innovation in wind energy. 

WG2&3 launch webinar

On September 14th 2023, we are held the new Working Group launch webinar together with WG3! Access the recording here!

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