Learning about data

We aim to research into metadata and knowledge engineering for wind energy applications and use the results to develop recommendations for the sector. This includes further developing and disseminating the IEA Wind Task 43 Glossary, creating a knowledge base for documenting and evaluating different vocabularies, taxonomies and ontologies relevant for wind energy, and developing the TechnoPortal for ontology hosting. As well as this, we run and document a public webinar series in order to bring together domain experts with data modelling experts and learn from other industries. 

Vocabulary and ontology development

We develop new ontologies for specific applications by evaluating, iteratively prototyping and demonstrating their use, then focusing on the dissemination. 

Schema development

We produce small, actionable nuggets of JSON schema that people can use now. For this, we define schemas for certain applications, provide examples of how to use open-source ontologies to build data models and/or modular schema, publish examples of gaining insights from unstructured data, and give examples of a modular workflow. 

Data services and digital twins

We develop specific tools and frameworks for digital twins in the wind energy sector, particularly focused on a digital twin conceptual model for wind energy and intelligent digital twins for trustable, explainable and accessible AI-based decision-making. 

Data maturity roadmap development

We analyse the current data maturity situation of the sector and develop plans for increasing the data maturity in the future. The goal is to help the sector reach frictionless data access within and between organisations by 2030 to enable wind plant autonomy, process automation, digital twins, benchmarks, data sharing and data findability. 

WG1 launch meeting

On September 12th, 2023, we held our WG1 launch meeting. Access the recording here!

Submission of review paper

We are currently working on a review paper “Knowledge Engineering for Wind Energy Digitalisation”, in which we present the main concepts and summarise previous work in the areas of knowledge engineering and knowledge representation in a manner that is relevant and accessible to wind energy domain experts. the pre-print is available here.

IEA Wind Task 43 webinar series

We run a series of public webinars that aim to improve collaboration between Knowledge Engineering experts and domain experts. Find out more here.

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