Coordination and management

We coordinate and manage the activities of IEA Wind Task 43. This includes organising events and workshops, coordinating the other WGs, and continuously evaluating the internal communication.


We disseminate the tools, recommendations and knowledge created in the other WGs via tools on GitHub, videos and webinar recordings, research papers and position papers.

Inter-WG coordination

We coordinate with the other WG leaders, and provide them with recommendations based on information collected from external stakeholders.


We attract new people and projects to the task by doing outreach at conferences and events based on the results of the use case studies and surveys, by actively working together with other groups such as EAWE and WindEurope.


Recent activities

Presentation at the WindEurope Annual Event 2023

At the WindEurope Annual Event in April 2023, Sarah Barber presented our recent paper “A use-case-driven approach for demonstrating the added value of digitalisation in wind energy”, which can be accessed here.

Formation of Industrial Advisory Board

In 2023 we formed the Industrial Advisory Board. Get to know our members here!

IEA Wind Task 43 General Meeting

In June 2023 we held a General Meeting in Boulder, CO, USA. 

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