IEA Wind TCP Task 45

Enabling the Recycling of Wind Turbine Blades

IEA Wind Task 45: Recycling wind turbine blades

The IEA Wind Task 45 is a cross disciplinary task covering the many facet of wind turbine blade recycling.

The challenges related to wind turbine blade recycling are broad and range from technical challenges to legislation disparities and lack of information on the materials to be recycled. Recycling wind turbine blades is a process with a complex value chain involving several stakeholders with different interests.

To address the issues related to blade recycling, this Task brings the key stakeholders together to identify the barriers and mitigation strategies for the implementation of large-scale wind turbine blade recycling solutions.

Our objectives

The objective of the IEA Wind Task 45 is to identify and mitigate the barriers to the recycling of wind turbine blades. The task focuses on producing tangible results such as recommended practices and guidelines that can be used by practitioners.

Key topics

(1) The technical aspects of recycling;
(2) The blade life cycle and value chain;
(3) The standards and legislation framing wind turbine blade recycling activities.

Our approach

We hold annual General Meetings to build our community, and have regular dedicated work package meetings to explore specific issues. Together we are making progress towards the implementation of large-scale recycling solutions.


Task 45 Presentations – Enabling the recycling of wind turbine blades
Task 45 Guideline on the establishment of Traceability and Value Chains for the recycling of wind turbine blades
Task 45 Guideline for Legislation and Policy on End-of-Life Wind Turbine Blade Waste
Task 45 Preliminary summary of policies, legislation, guidelines and initiatives that address the end-of-life of wind turbine blades
Task 45 Blade End-of-Life Treatments:  State of the Art, Challenges, Barriers & Environmental Impacts
Task 45 A review of the current state of blade design and novel materials research for improved recyclability of wind turbine blades
Task 45 Evaluating Recyclability of wind turbine blades



Who can participate in Task 45?

To participate in Task 45, your country must be a member of the IEA Wind Implementing Agreement. Once your country is a member of the IEA Wind TCP, an organization within your country may become a participant in Task 45 and agree to the terms of the Task proposal.

Active participants (performing part of the work plan) benefit from meetings and professional exchange during the term of the Task. Countries participating in the Task benefit from the information developed by the Task.

For more information, contact the Operating Agents, Justine Beauson and Derek Berry, or the IEA Wind Secretariat.


Operating agents

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May 14, 2019 - Derek Berry, Senior Wind Technology Engineer. (Photo by Werner Slocum / NREL)

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