Task 45 Publications

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Deliverables timeline

Task 45 Presentations – Enabling the recycling of wind turbine blades
Task 45 Guideline on the establishment of Traceability and Value Chains for the recycling of wind turbine blades
Task 45 Guideline for Legislation and Policy on End-of-Life Wind Turbine Blade Waste
Task 45 Preliminary summary of policies, legislation, guidelines and initiatives that address the end-of-life of wind turbine blades
Task 45 Blade End-of-Life Treatments:  State of the Art, Challenges, Barriers & Environmental Impacts
Task 45 A review of the current state of blade design and novel materials research for improved recyclability of wind turbine blades
Task 45 Evaluating Recyclability of wind turbine blades

Knowledge share

The Task members share information relevant to the topic of wind turbine blades recycling on a TEAMS plateform hosted at DTU. Some of the content shared is:

  • Current and past research projects;
  • Lists of publications;
  • Project reports;
  • Guidelines;
  • Magazine articles.

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