Task 2.2 Reuse and Repurpose

Reuse of end of life wind turbine blades is common practice in Europe and enables the extension of wind turbine lifetimes and thereby decreasing the environmental impact of wind turbines. While the technicalities behind the assessment of its practical feasibility will not be addressed in this task, it is important for recycling to quantify the number of wind turbine blades being reused nowadays. Ensuring a stable and predictable supply of end-of-life wind turbine blades to the recyclers is one of the challenges identified in the establishment of recycling solutions. In this subtask, the volume of wind turbine blades being reused will be determined and in connection with WP4, reflections and suggestions to frame the reuse market and ensure the traceability of wind turbine blade waste will be suggested. Repurposing is understood as the reuse of sections or parts of the wind turbine blades in new structural or semi-structural applications. A number of constructions have been made around the world using end-of-lifewind turbine blades. However, this solution has never been implemented on an industrial scale able to treat large volumes of blades. In this subtask, the objective is to identify the existing and potential applications as well as the barriers and opportunities for their implementation.

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