Task 2.3 Recycling and Recovery

Processes defined as recycling and recovery.

In this task, the recycling processes (thermal, mechanical, and chemical processes) and recovery processes (cement co-processing) will be reviewed. A number of these recycling processes already exist on a pilot or industrial scale. A challenge reported was the difficulty in upscaling processes. Some of the questions to answer here are: How to upscale existing recycling processes? How to make them more efficient? What are the applications for the transformed WTB material? How do combine the recycling of production waste and the recycling of end-of-life wind turbine blades? In connection with subtask 2.1, it will also be discussed how to implement recycling processes for future wind turbine blades. In connection with WP3, some questions are to be answered regarding for example the environmental impacts of the recycling processes and the interactions with the resources sector, analyzing the real energy cost.

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