Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


Data science and artificial intelligence

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Data science and artificial intelligence (WP3) X Report or paper D2.3 / M30

Data-driven decision-making under risk and uncertainty is being augmented with advances in data science (e.g., deep learning with heterogeneous data sources) and artificial intelligence (e.g., reinforcement learning for optimization) techniques. WP3 will administer the WS and will collect success cases of application in the forecasting and decision-making domain of wind power forecasting, and study different paradigms for integrating uncertainty, data science and AI, such as: human-in-the-loop decision making, digital twins for decision support, interactive machine learning, etc. Finally, trust and security of data-driven methods will be a topic of analysis, in particularly considering industry requirements for integrating new technologies in their business processes. For meteorologists, the numerical weather prediction models change faster than the climate. How can the local adaption or some kind of AI adapt to this without running a new and old model in parallel for a long time? To shorten this parallel time would free up some effort to be used somewhere else.

D 2.3:  Report and conference papers on techniques to optimize the use of data science/AI tools for the forecasting of energy-application variables (M30)