Minute-Scale Forecasting


Minute scale forecasting

WS: WP1 Weather WP2 Power WP3 Applications Deliverable #, Due Collaboration
Minute scale forecasting (WP2) X Workshop / Paper D2.5 / M31, M36 Wind Tasks 32 Lidar, 44 Farm Flow Control and 50 Hybrids, PVPS T16

On the power plant level, forecasts some minutes ahead can be used for battery control in hybrid power plants, in wind farm flow control (it takes minutes for the wind field to pass through a larger wind farm), and sometimes also in market structures like the Australian market, which operates on a 5-min schedule. Advances in minute-scale forecasting have been investigated in phase 2 and will be further developed and communicated to the industry. Since minute scale forecasting mainly uses data driven tools (statistical or machine learning), the WS is administered by WP2, but has connections to WP1 for knowing the wind flow through a farm, and to WP3 with regards to usage of the forecasts. We plan to have a workshop together with the IEA Wind Tasks on Lidar and on Hybrid Power Plants, and possibly others.

D 2.5: Workshop and paper on minute-scale forecasting for hybrid power plants or wind farm control, in conjunction with Task 32 on Lidars, Task 44 on Farm Flow Control and Task 50 on Hybrid Power Plants (M31=Summer 2024, M36)