Extreme Power System Events


Extreme power system events

WS: WP1 Weather WP2 Power WP3 Applications Deliverable #, Due Collaboration
Extreme power system events (WP3) X Workshop D3.6 / M42 Task 25, ESIG, IEA ISGAN, PVPS T16, G-PST

Weather extremes are a threat to the power system, not only due to destruction of hardware, but also due to inadequate unit commitment, grid planning and available generation units. The challenges are broad and reach into the power markets, where extreme prices can be caused by extreme weather events. Knowledge and exchange of information on how to forecast extremes and mitigate effects from such extremes are topics that need attention in the next phase. While there is a strong weather dependency in this WS, the work will be structured according to the needs of the end users, and therefore administered by WP3.

D 3.6: Convene workshop on extreme power system events (M42)