The IEA Wind TCP has been researching and developing wind related technologies since late 1977.
Feel free to contact the Secretariat if you are interested in learning more about the earliest publications by the Wind TCP.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports highlight the work of the current research Tasks and provide an extensive summary of how member countries benefit from wind energy, how much wind power generation each country has deployed, and how policies and research programs will increase wind power’s contribution to the world energy supply.

Recommended Practices

The IEA Wind TCP is a vehicle for member countries to exchange information on the planning and execution of national, large-scale wind system projects and to undertake co-operative research and development projects called Tasks or Annexes. Many of the IEA Wind TCP Recommended Practices have served as the basis for both national and international standards.

Technical Reports

The IEA Wind TCP regularly publishes assorted reports based on research activities of the various tasks. These publications help to improve development and deployment within the wind energy sector.

Task 32 Recommended Practice 18: Floating Lidar Systems
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