Procedures for Determining Risk of Failure and Preventive Maintenance

Task 42 Report

Minimizing operation and maintenance (O&M) costs for wind farms, offshore and onshore is feasible through the quantification of the risk of failure of the wind farm assets over time and addressing that risk through preventive maintenance. The risk is established using a risk priority number, which is also associated with the cost of failure. Accuracy in the risk priority can be achieved using failure mode effect analysis and root cause analysis of past failures. Monitoring and inspection of assets is also essential.

This report outlines in brief these processes and the quantification of risk and remaining useful life evaluation. Monitoring of wind turbine structures for fatigue life consumption and the need for extrapolation of fatigue damage equivalent load is explained in brief, so that an accurate forecast of the remaining useful life of major structures such as blades can be obtained. Recommendations for implementing preventive maintenance and prognostics is provided

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