Renewable Energy Forecast Solution Selection

Task 36 Recommended Practice

The Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme  (widely referred to as “IEA Wind“) has recently approved for release a set of documents entitled, “IEA Recommended Practice for Selecting Renewable Power Forecasting Solutions”.  The ultimate objective of this set of documents is to (1) maximize the value of renewable energy forecast information in operational decision-making applications and (2) significantly reduce the costs of integrating large amounts of wind and solar generation assets into grid systems through more efficient management of the renewable generation variability.  It addresses the issue that many current operational forecast solutions are not properly optimized for their intended applications.  The documents were authored by a group of international experts, which collaborated within one of the activities under IEA Wind Task 36 (Wind Power Forecasting). The group of experts included researchers from universities and government laboratories, commercial forecast providers and users of operational forecasts.  The document consists of three parts, which can be downloaded below

Part 1: Forecast Solution Selection Process
Part 2: Designing and Executing Forecast Benchmark and Trials
Part 3: Evaluation of Forecasts and Forecast Solutions

Alternatively, download all as one document or make do with a shorter version in this handout.