International Recommendations for Ice Fall and Ice Throw Risk Assessments (2nd edition)

IEA Wind TCP Task 19 Technical Report

The purpose of this report is to provide the best available recommendations for the assessment of ice fall and ice throw from wind turbines with the aim of reducing the uncertainties involved in such assessments. The first edition was the result of a two-year creation process and intended to give answers regarding the selection and definition of the essential methodology and input parameters for ice throw / ice fall risk assessments. The second edition four years after refines this methodology according to the latest scientific findings and gives further guidance on selected topics. In this respect, the authors are confident that the guidelines presented in this document will again pave the way forward to more transparency and increase the quality of ice-risk assessments internationally.

The recommendations presented herein compile expert knowledge on risk assessment procedure and do not present any form of legal counsel. In particular risk reducing measures and their estimated effectivity must not be misconstrued to have any form of legal effect in juristic disputes. In general the national laws and standards regarding the assessment of ice throw / ice fall risk must be taken into account. It remains a responsibility of the authors of a risk assessment to decide to what extent the recommendations provided in this document are applicable.

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