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Dose, B., Rahimi, H., Stoevesandt, B., & Peinke, J. (2020). Fluid-structure coupled investigations of the NREL 5 MW wind turbine for two downwind configurations. Renewable Energy, 146, 1113-1123.



Anderson, Benjamin, et al. “Investigation of the nacelle blockage effect for a downwind turbine.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 1618. No. 6. IOP Publishing, 2020.


Virginia University

Control co-design of 13 MW downwind two-bladed rotors to achieve 25% reduction in levelized cost of wind energy

LY Pao, DS Zalkind, DT Griffith, M Chetan, MS Selig, GK Ananda, CJ Bay, …

Annual Reviews in Control


Gravo‐aeroelastic scaling of a 13‐MW downwind rotor for 20% scale blades

M Kaminski, C Noyes, E Loth, R Damiani, S Hughes, C Bay, M Chetan, …

Wind Energy 24 (3), 229-245


Field Tests and Simulations of Tower Shadow Effect for a Downwind Turbine

J Simpson, E Loth

AIAA Scitech 2021 Forum, 1718


Servo-aero-gravo-elastic (SAGE) scaling and its application to a 13-MW downwind turbine

M Kaminski, E Loth, D Zalkind, L Pao, M Selig, K Johnson

Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 12 (6), 063301


Downwind coning concept rotor for a 25 MW offshore wind turbine

CC Qin, E Loth, DS Zalkind, LY Pao, S Yao, DT Griffith, MS Selig, …

Renewable Energy 156, 314-327


A gravo-aeroelastically scaled wind turbine rotor at field-prototype scale with strict structural requirements

S Yao, DT Griffith, M Chetan, CJ Bay, R Damiani, M Kaminski, E Loth

Renewable Energy 156, 535-547


Ground testing of a 1% gravo-aeroelastically scaled additively-manufactured wind turbine blade with bio-inspired structural design

M Kaminski, E Loth, DT Griffith, CC Qin

Renewable Energy 148, 639-650


Tower shadow induced blade loads for an extreme‐scale downwind turbine

C Noyes, C Qin, E Loth

Wind Energy 23 (3), 458-470


Analytic analysis of load alignment for coning extreme‐scale rotors

C Noyes, C Qin, E Loth

Wind Energy 23 (2), 357-369


Extreme-scale load-aligning rotor: To hinge or not to hinge?

C Noyes, E Loth, D Martin, K Johnson, G Ananda, M Selig

Applied Energy 257, 113985



2018. Kiyoki, T. Ishihara, M. Saeki, I. Tobinaga : Evaluation of wind loads by a passive yaw control at the extreme wind speed condition and its verification by measurement, GRE2018, Yokohama, Japan, 2018.


2020. Namura and Y. Shinozaki, “Design Optimization of 10MW Downwind Turbines with Flexible Blades and Comparison with Upwind Turbines,” Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 1618, No. 4, 042021, 2020.




Preliminary assessment of yaw alignment on a single point moored downwind floating platform

Albert M. Urb´an1, , Laura Volt`a1, , W. H. Lio1 and Rocio Torres2


Kyusyu university

Yoshida,S., Dynamic Stall Model for Tower Shadow Effects on Downwind Turbines and Its Scale Effects , energies, 10.3390/en13195237 , 1-19, Energies 2020, 13, 5237, 2020.10.



Field Measurements of Wind Characteristics Using LiDAR on a Wind Farm with Downwind Turbines Installed in a Complex Terrain Region

Tetsuya Kogaki 1,*, Kenichi Sakurai 1, , Susumu Shimada 1, , Hirokazu Kawabata 1

Yusuke Otake 2, , Katsutoshi Kondo 2 and Emi Fujita 2


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