This project comprises Danish participation in IEA Wind TCP Task 41, having as overall objective to identify and explore studies of particular Danish interest of Distributed Wind (DW) for cost effective technology development and integration into a continuously evolving energy system. This is done by collaborating and contributing to the IEA Wind TCP Task 41 international activities on DW turbine technology development and assessment in a series of dedicated work packages (WPs).

IEA Wind TCP Task 41 is an international network centered on international collaboration and coordination in the field of DW. The purpose is to accelerate the development and deployment of DW technology as one of the leading generation source in global renewable markets, the facilitation of easier and faster DW integration into electrical grids, increasing thus the competitiveness of wind and accelerating the replacement of fossils fuels.

This project is organized into five work-packages (WPs), which closely follow the first five IEA Wind TCP Task 41 planned work-packages:

WP0: Management, coordination and dissemination
WP1: DW technology design standards for small and mid-sized wind turbines
WP2: Data information catalog for DW research
WP3: Integration of DW into evolving electricity systems
WP4: Outreach and expand collaboration of ongoing R&D DW activities
Expected outcome
The project aims at building up a stakeholder network of relevant Danish players within the area of DW technology and organize and strengthen the Danish influence and participation in IEA collaborations, both bringing the long experience of Danish actors into play and to learn from others around the world. By supporting the work of the IEA Wind TCP Task through various publications, data sets collections and reports, this project will achieve and consolidate the Danish knowledge and experience within this area, increasing thus furthermore the competitiveness of wind and accelerating the replacement of fossil-based fuels.

DTU Wind Energy will contribute to the IEA Wind TCP Task 41 through communication, exchanging information, sharing results and carrying out concrete analyzes and investigations in the shape of reports and publications. Overall expected results are:

Enhanced international collaboration and coordination in the field of DW to accelerate the development and deployment of DW technology.
Recommendations for potential modifications on standards will be used to reduce the cost and development time of DW projects globally and help the DW manufacturers to enter and operate in global market.
Compendium of standards improvement recommendations.
Specification and development of data sharing catalog and portal allowing DW stakeholders to collaborate and communicate easily, globally.
Assessment of different levels of DW system control, including a classification for DW control strategies for high contribution distributed grids, including different capabilities of grid support and likely data needs for future wind systems. Support to provide flexibility and grid services will increase the value of DW and demand for DW in the grid.
Development of a content management system including data, software, associated publications.
Data sharing in both process and practice, providing researchers and the wider industry access to global information that can be used to address wider challenges facing DW.
Expanded analyses and collaboration on the integration of DW technologies, focusing on new and advancing markets such as off-grid, microgrids, and advanced distribution networks.
Collaboration with ongoing R&D activities that address specific challenges associated with DW technologies (IEA Wind TCP Task 19, IEA Wind TCP Task 25, IEA Wind TCP Task 26, IEA Wind TCP Task 28, IEA Wind TCP Task 36).
This EUDP-project will gather and disseminate information about DW to the Danish stakeholders and provide useful recommendations and guidelines to IEA deliverables that can be used by both Danish industry, researchers and society at large.

This EUDP-project will also make it possible to promote the results of IEA Wind TCP Task 41 in national and international forums.

The project started January 1. 2020 and runs until 31.12.2022.

Total project budget: 1.42 mio. DKK.

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