Task 32 Workshop 3: Lidar measurements for wake assessment and comparison with wake models

4 October 2016
4 October 2016 Vu Thi Le

Task 32 Workshop 3: Lidar measurements for wake assessment and comparison with wake models

Date: October 4, 2016

Workshop leaders Task 31: Javier Sanz Rodrigo (CENER, Spain). Task 32: Davide Trabucchi (ForWind – University of Oldenburg, Germany)

Venue: Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany

Meeting goals

Some possibilities to measured complex flows such as wakes with lidars have been explored recently with positive results. These studies suggest that lidar measurement could be included in the verification and validation process of wake models. These models are important for wind turbine and wind farm design as well as wind farm control. However, the use of the lidar technology in this field is hindered by different knowledge of lidar measurement limitations and wake models and limited access to data.

This workshop addresses these challenges by bringing together different IEA Wind Tasks. Task 31 aims to verify, validate, and quantify the uncertainties of the most widely used models on the basis of experimental datasets. Task 32 deals with wind lidar measurements in order to identify and mitigate barriers to the use of lidar technology in wind energy applications

The workshop discussed the following questions:

  1. What has been done so far?
  2. What are the objectives of lidar wake measurements?
  3. How can we collaborate with existing measurement data?
  4. How can we collaborate in future?

Public documents

Password-protected documents

The presentations  from this meeting and the exercise material and solutions are only available to logged-in members of IEA Wind Task 32.


  • Introduction Round
  • Introduction to workshop (Davide Trabucchi, David Schlipf)
  • Lidar Measurements at SWIFT (David Maniaci , Thomas Herges)
  • Field Campaign Smarteole-1 (Sandrine Aubrun)
  • Project BEACon (Nicolai Gayle Nygaard)
  • Detailed Field Test Of Yaw-based Wake-steering (Paul Fleming, Matthew Churchfield, Steffen Raach)
  • Measuring the wake profile with lidar – The effect of fixed and moving frame of references (Juan José Trujillo)
  • Perdigão wind turbine wake measurement (Kurt Schaldemose Hansen)
  • Quantifying Wake Characteristics (Rebecca Barthelmie)
  • Apha Ventus Benchmark (Lukas Vollmer, Davide Trabucchi)

Exercise Material and Solutions

  • Link to material
  • Comparative Exercise – DLR Notes
  • Comparative Exercise – Uni Oldenburg Solution Quick notes
  • Comparative Exercise – Tech Uni Delft Solution Notes
  • Comparative Exercise – ZephIR Solution Notes

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