Task 32 2016 General Meeting

15 December 2016
15 December 2016 Vu Thi Le

Task 32 2016 General Meeting

December 15-16, 2016

Venue: U. Strathclyde, Glasgow


The General Meeting provides a forum to build up a community, report from previous workshops, and organize new ones.

The General Meeting 2016 was a combination of presentations, discussion, and a poster / networking session:

  1. What was the outcome of Phase 1?
  2. Identifying and mitigating barriers in 2016: Review of the four workshops.
  3. What’s new in the world of wind lidar? Presentations from researchers and industry
  4. Let’s talk! Poster / networking session addressing recent results.
  5. Identifying and mitigating barriers in 2017: Proposals, discussions, and voting for new workshop topics for 2017

Many thanks to Peter Clive, University of Strathclyde, the Advisory Board and the General Meeting Organization Team (Ines Würth, Andrew Clifton, Oliver Bischoff, Florian Haizmann, Holger Fürst) for all their help in organizing this meeting.


What was the outcome of Phase I?

  1. Introduction to Task and General Meeting (David Schlipf)
  2. IEA Wind Task Phase 1 (Davide Trabucchi )
  3. Remote Sensing of Complex Flows by Doppler Wind Lidar: Issues and Preliminary Recommendations (Andrew Clifton)
  4. Estimating Turbulence Statistics and Parameters from Ground- and Nacelle-Based Lidar Measurements (Ameya Sathe)
  5. Recommended Practices for Floating Lidar Systems (Julia Gottschall )

Review of the 2016 workshops

In 2016, one workshop was organized for each of the four applications, focusing on one specific problem, and with a well-defined program and tangible outcome.

  1. Results from Workshop #1 (Julia Gottschall)
  2. Workshop #2 Summary (Eric Simley)
  3. Results WS#3 (Davide Trabucchi)
  4. IEA Wind Task 32 Power Performance Workshop Outcomes (Luke Simmons )

Whats new in the world of wind lidar?

  1. Power curve and loads assessment with nacelle lidars (Rozenn Wagner)
  2. Scanning LiDAR in Offshore Wind (Lee Cameron)
  3. US Lidar Activities (Andrew Clifton)
  4. News from the Anwind Project (Florian Haizmann, Holger Fürst, David Schlipf)
  5. OpenLidar – A Collaborative Wind Lidar Platform (Ines Würth)
  1. Improved processing of turbulence intensity measurement for pulsed Lidar (Paul Mazoyer)
  2. Lidar verification and acceptance protocol and road map (Peter Clive)
  3. Turning the tables – Use of lidar to troubleshoot masts (Mike Harris)
  4. A compact Doppler lidar for controlling the operation of wind turbines (Rainer Reuter)
  1. Review and Discussion Meeting Strategy (David Schlipf)

Workshop Proposals

  • Power performance measurement using nacelle lidars ( Rozenn Wagner)
  • Best practices for certification with Lidar-Assisted Control (Eric Simley)
  • Elaboration of use cases (Davide Trabucchi)
  • Lidar Data Filtering (Davide Trabucchi)
  • Reduction of Lidar Uncertainties (Detlef Stein)
  • OpenLidar (Andrew Clifton & Ines Würth)
  • Lidar verification Protocol (Peter Clive)

Additional documents


  • Theodore Holtom – Look Ahead Wind Field Mapping For Large Wind Turbines

Meeting documents

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