Task 32 2017 General Meeting

9 November 2017
9 November 2017 Vu Thi Le

Task 32 2017 General Meeting

November 9-10, 2017

Venue: U. Stuttgart


The General Meeting provides a forum to build up a community, report from previous workshops, and organize new ones. </p/>

The General Meeting 2017 was a combination of presentations, discussion, and a poster / networking session:

  1. Review of the 2017 workshops.
  2. What’s new in the world of wind lidar? Presentations from researchers and industry
  3. Let’s talk! Poster / networking session addressing recent results.
  4. Identifying and mitigating barriers in 2018: Proposals, discussions, and voting for new workshop topics for 2018


  • David Schlipf – Introduction to Task and General Meeting

What have we done in 2017?

  • Results from Workshop #5 (Peter Clive)
  • Results from Workshop #6 (Ioannis Antoniou)
  • Results from Workshop #7 (Andy Clifton)
  • Julia Gottschall – Recommended Practices 18 on Floating Lidar Systems
  • Antoine Borraccino – Power curve measurements in complex terrain with a nacelle lidar
  • Andrew Scholbrock – Using Lidars to Measure Wind Turbine Wakes for Wind Plant Control Research
  • Robert Menke & Norman Wildmann – Experiments in the New European Wind Atlas
  • Doron Callies – The LiMeS project
  • Shumpei Kameyama – Recent advances on Mitsubishi Electric’s Wind lidar DIABREZZA
  • Paul Mazoyer – Windcube wind reconstruction in complex terrain (FCR)
  • Carlo Alberto Ratti – Scaling the numbers and maintaining the quality A challenge for lidar manufacturers
  • Dominique Held – Recent advances of Windar Photonics’ LiDARS
  • Eloise Burnett – Reducing LiDAR Uncertainty – Results and Ideas from Offshore Wind Accelerator Research
  • Steffen Raach – Recent Field-Testing Results of Lidar-Assisted Control
  • Ines Wuerth – Day2 – Agenda – WorkshopProposals – WorldCafe
  • Nikolai Hille & Eric Simley & David Schlipf – Outlook Workshop #8 on Certification of Lidar-Assisted Control Applications


  • Andrew Scholbrock -Controls Research at the National Wind Technology Center
  • Tim Hagemann – Realistic Extreme Load Reduction by Lidar-Assisted Feed Forward Control
  • Norman Wildmann – Full-scale wake measurements with long-range lidar at the Perdigão 2017 experiment
  • Oliver Bischoff – MALIBU – Model-based approach for floating lidar based offshore wind potential measurements: Determination of the uncertainty

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