Task 32 Workshop 13: Floating Lidar Follow-Up

13 November 2018
13 November 2018 Vu Thi Le

Task 32 Workshop 13: Floating Lidar Follow-Up

13 November 2018

Workshop leaders: Julia Gottschall (IWES Fraunhofer), Detlef Stein (Multiversum), Oliver Bischoff (Universität Stuttgart)

Venue: IWES Fraunhofer, Bremerhaven, Germany

Background to the workshop

Workshop #13 was a follow-up to Workshop #1 in the series of IEA Wind Task 32 Phase 2 events, that  – together with preceding activities – built the basis for the publication of RP 18 on Floating Lidar Systems (FLS) [1]. That workshop took place in 2016. Since then the technology and its acceptance in the wind industry has further developed. The objective of this workshop was to present and discuss these achievements, and to identify the areas where further work and progress may be required by the different stakeholder groups including both the FLS OEMs and the users of the technology as well as academia.

This meeting was organized in connection with the “Offshore Wind R&D Conference 2018” which took place in Bremerhaven from 14 to 16 November 2018.

Concept and Outcomes

The workshop sessions focused on three topics:

  • IEA Wind RP 18 on Floating Lidar Systems [1]; an overview and experiences with the document;
  • OWA Roadmap Update, recently published by the Carbon Trust [2]; an overview of the recently published document and initial feedback by participants;
  • Floating Lidar uncertainties; how can we meet the requirements and assess these?

After learning about and discussing these three topics, the participants worked in groups to identify the topics for a possible RP 18 update in Phase 3 of Task 32 (to start in 2019).

Meeting documents

Public documents

Member-only documents


  • Julia Gottschall – Welcome and introduction (01_iea-workshop-13_slides)
  • Andy Clifton – Introduction to IEA Wind Task 32 (01a_iea-workshop-13_slides)
  • Oliver Bischoff – Overview of RP 18 (02_iea-workshop-13_slides)
  • Hector Wilson – The Offshore Wind Accelerator (03_iea-workshop-13_slides)
  • Detlef Stein – The new Floating Lidar OWA-CT Roadmap (04_iea-workshop-13_slides)
  • Oliver Bischoff – the MALIBU project (05_iea-workshop-13_slides)
  • Detlef Stein – FLS Uncertainty assessment – some practical examples (05a_iea-workshop-13_slides)
  • AXYS update (axys_iea-workshop-13_slides)
  • Fraunhofer IWES Wind LiDAR Buoy (iwes_iea-workshop-13_slides)

Supporting Documents

  • Expert Group Report on Recommended Practices 18. Floating Lidar Systems, First Edition, 2017
  • Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Roadmap for the Commercial Acceptance of Floating LiDAR Technology, Version 2.0, October 2018

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