Task 32 2019 General Meeting

11 December 2019
11 December 2019 Vu Thi Le

Task 32 2019 General Meeting

December 11-12, 2019

Venue: DTU Risoe, Roskilde, Denmark


The Task 32 General Meeting is a forum for the international wind lidar community to meet, discuss recent developments, report from previous events, and organize our future activities.


Almost 50 people attended the 2019 General Meeting at DTU’s Risoe camous, near Roskilde, Denmark. The 2-day event was a combination of a poster / networking session, followed by presentations, discussion, and a tour of the DTU facilities. More details can be found in the minutes.


We are very grateful to Rozenn Wagner and Elin Svennson from DTU Wind Energy for their efforts in organizing the logistics at DTU. Thank you to Ines Würth and David Schlipf for moderating the meeting. Many thanks also to all of the presenters and participants for contributing to the meeting and making it a success. The meeting agenda was created by Andy Clifton with support from the Task 32 Advisory Board.

Meeting documents

Public documents

Programme and Member-only Documents

Most of the presentations listed below can be found in the Task 32 2019 General Meeting library. Please click the button ‘Access our documents’

Day 1 (Wednesday 11 December):

Day 2 (Thursday 12 December)

  • World cafe with reporting
  • Getting things done session
  • Tour of the DTU facilities

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