Annual Report for 2019 is available

14 December 2020
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14 December 2020 Simon Rubin

Annual Report 2019 now available

The IEA Wind TCP 2019 Annual Report highlights the activities and accomplishments of the IEA Wind Technology Collaboration Programme.

In 2019, 60.4 GW of new wind power capacity was installed worldwide, bringing the global total capacity to 650.1 GW – and generated 1,168 TWh meeting 7% of the total electricity demand. Offshore wind also saw tremendous growth during the year, thanks to a record 60.4 GW of new installed capacity. Wind power continues to be the second-largest source of renewable energy by installed capacity (following hydropower). However, there are still significant opportunities for technology innovation to maximize value and continue to improve cost-competitiveness.
Nearly 85% of the world’s wind generating capacity—and nearly all offshore capacity—resides in countries participating in the IEA Wind Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP), which is the leading international organisation for wind energy research cooperation. For 40 years, the IEA Wind has been multiplying national technology research, development and deployment (R,D&D) efforts through information exchange and joint research projects. Researchers from 24 member countries and international sponsor organisations have produced significant research results, design tools, and guidelines for the design and operation of offshore and land-based wind turbines through their national efforts and cooperative research Tasks.

Chair John McCann states:

Wind energy is no longer a marginal new entrant in the electricity sector—in the leading countries wind is fast becoming their main source of electricity. New wind farms now have a lower levelised cost of energy than any form of new fossil fired plant.

Secretary Ignacio Martí adds:

Wind energy continued to deliver power to the grid worldwide, contributing to make the networks strong, reliable, resilient and cost competitive while reducing the overall footprint. Including online work to our activities makes our TCP also more flexible, removing some of the barriers for new countries to join.

The IEA Wind TCP 2019 Annual Report highlights the work of 17 cooperative research Tasks, as well as the research and deployment activities of the 24 member countries and sponsor organisations. The report provides a summary of how member countries benefit from wind energy, how much wind power generation each country has deployed, and how policies and research programs increase wind power’s contribution to the world energy supply.

As e-paper

IEA Wind TCP 2019 Annual Report (August 2020). IEA Wind Secretariat, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – , 52 pages, ISBN 978-87-93449-78-4.

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IEA Annual Report 2019 as PDF

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