Task 43 Launches a Universal Data Model

27 January 2021
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27 January 2021 Simon Rubin

On behalf of the IEA Wind TCP Task 43: we are excited to launch a universal Data Model that standardizes wind resource assessment data. This will transform how we structure and transfer data throughout the wind resource assessment process.

The task works on standardizing digital tools in wind resource assessment (WRA). This standard data model and associated tools are intended as universal building blocks for Wind Energy Resource Assessment applications. This is a more universal way to describe the data and metadata in the wind resource process. It should yield efficiency and improved accuracy for industry partners who adopt it.

Our goals for the project are to make the WRA process more efficient, more repeatable and more scalable.

You can find the actual data standard here: https://github.com/IEA-Task-43/digital_wra_data_standard

Thanks to Amit B., Jason Fields, @Gibson Kersting, Joseph C. Y. Lee, Michael Purdue, Florian Roscheck, Heiko Westermann for their relentless efforts.


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