Stephan Barth is new IEA Chair

21 June 2021
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21 June 2021 Charlotte Hede Linde

Stephan Barth is new IEA Chair

Stephan Barth from ForWind takes over from John McCann, who has been IEA Chair since 2019.

IEA Wind TCP welcomes Stephan Barth as new IEA Chair. We also thank John McCann for the excellent job he has been doing as Chair for the past 2.5 years.

As a final statement as Chair, John McCann, Programme Manager at SEAI, says:

“2019 and 2020 brought an increased focus worldwide on accelerating wind energy deployment to address climate change. Wind energy demonstrated its capacity to be a major part of a cost effective low carbon energy solution both onshore and offshore. The IEA Wind TCP continued to expand its research portfolio to address the future challenges of both accelerating deployment and upscaling technology,” he says and continues:

“COVID 19 brought challenges both within the energy sector and for international research collaboration. The IEA Wind TCP successfully adapted to this changed environment, without disruption to research collaboration, by moving completely to online meetings and events during the crisis.”

Stephan Barth, Managing Director at ForWind, is happy to take on the task as Chair for IEA Wind TCP:

“The transition to a decarbonized energy supply is taking place globally and at an increasing pace. The dawn of the hydrogen era is already on the horizon and will depend heavily on cost-effective and reliable wind energy technologies leading this transition on a large scale. For this reason, we at IEA Wind will continue our mission to promote high impact wind energy research and communication through international collaboration.”

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