Kickoff Meeting of Task 51 “Forecasting for a weather-driven Energy System”

24 April 2022
24 April 2022 Corinna Möhrlen

The new Task 51 “Forecasting for a weather-driven Energy System” has been kicked-off in 2 Online sessions on February 2 and 2, 2022.
Day 1 contained an overview presented by the operating agent Gregor Giebel from DTU and a number of invited presentations from other tasks, with whom collaboration is envisaged.

Talks were given by Paul Fleming (NREL) from IEA Wind Task 44 Farm Flow Control , David Schlipf (HS Flensburg) from IEA Wind Task 32 Lidar, Kristian Petrick (Airborne Wind Europe) from  IEA Wind Task 48 Airborne Wind Energy , Kaushik Das (DTU) from  IEA Wind Task 50 Hybrid Wind Power Plants, Jan Remund, Meteotest: IEA PVPS Task 16 Solar Resource for High Penetration and Large Scale ApplicationsPaulo Partidário, DGEG: The Hydrogen TCP, Elina Mäki, VTT: IEA Bioenergy TCP, Task 44 Flexible Bioenergy and System Integration, Roberta Boscolo, WMO: The WMO Study Group on Integrated Energy Services (SG-ENE)

On day 2, the 13 workstreams of the newly formed task 51 was presented by the work stream leaders. The presentations can be found in our publication section “Workshops and special Sessions” or directly through this link.

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