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20 June 2022
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20 June 2022 Dennis Wettergren

Newsletter ExCo89 out now

Highlights from country and task presentations made during the recent ExCo 89 online meeting.

Chair, Stephan Barth highlights the following:

  •  The current developments in the international energy markets make it even more evident how important it is to roll out wind energy technology quickly. With the goals IEA Wind had set for itself, we are working in the Tasks to do just that.
  • We intend to repeat the highly successful Topical Experts Meeting on the Grand Challenges of Wind Energy on a regular basis, to provide the global community with a recognized forum for the orientation of international wind energy research
  • The accelerated expansion in almost all nations increases the need to share existing knowledge and experience and to address new issues. Together with the World Bank, we therefore intend to target developing countries to expand collaborations in the IEA Wind TCP. We were very pleased that two guests from Central and South America, Costa Rica and Colombia, also participated in ExCo 89.
  • The entire ExCo expresses its sincere thanks to José Manuel Franco Nava for his active time as an inspiring Vice-Chair and Chair of the Advanced Technologies Committee. We congratulate Katja Maus on her election as the new Vice-Chair, who will continue the field in a committed and enriching way.

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