TEM#109 Grand Challenges Follow On

8 December 2022
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8 December 2022 Task 11

TEM 109 Grand Challenge Follow On

February 28 & March 1, 2023 


This Topical Expert Meeting (TEM) will gather the experts from among the leaders of the IEA Wind Task 11 activities and beyond to gather input on the greater needs for wind energy to succeed in supplying the foundation of a carbon-neutral energy system. Gaps in both scientific knowledge and design and deployment practice will be identified and specific initiatives proposed to fill those gaps. Significant time will be devoted to identifying linkages between the traditionally separate scientific areas, identifying cross disciplinary issues, and proposing initiatives. 


IEA Wind will use this event as a template to convene a working meeting every 4-5 years to re-examine the long-range ability of wind energy to adapt to the ever-changing demands of large-scale energy supply and update the roadmap for sustained and accelerated progress. Breakout groups will divide the meeting participants into areas of expertise where they are challenged to deliver recommendations for the critical initiatives that must be created to enable wind energy to meet the common expectation of becoming a foundation of global energy supply. Leaders of the breakout topics will combine their findings into a meeting report, which will serve as the basis of a living roadmap for collaboration in international research. The meeting conclusions will be communicated more broadly through a one or more review article submitted to high-impact journals.  


TEM_109 Agenda


University of Colorado Boulder 

SEEC, 4001 Discovery Dr.  

Boulder, CO 80303 USA 


Parking & Building Map:

Parking and Building map_Feb. 28-Mar 1

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