TEM#110 Wind Energy Instrumentation Development

29 September 2023
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29 September 2023 Task 11

TEM#110 Wind Energy Instrumentation Development

November 2, 2023 


The development of new instrumentation to address the gaps in current and future field campaigns is a large undertaking that will require international collaboration to be successful.
It will require expertise and investment from numerous institutions across multiple countries and coordination to ensure development on the highest priority instruments without unnecessary duplication of efforts.

The goal of this topical expert meeting is to assess the current measurement capabilities, measurement needs and gaps, agree on a path forward to create an IEA task for developing instruments to fill in those gaps.



The intended outcomes of this TEM are as follows:

  • Development of items for a task proposal
  • Roadmap for instrumentation development
  • Form a group to create a Task to collaborate on instrumentation development



  • 8:30: Instrumentation gaps
  • 9:30: Instruments under development that we are using/having challenges with
  • 10:00 to 10:20 break
  • 10:20 to 11:00: Continue previous discussion
  • 11:00: Instruments technologies we would like to be using
  • 12:00: Lunch
  • 1:00: Example of successful instrument development
  • 2:00: Steps on coordinating an IEA task
  • 3:00 Laying out actions for report and IEA task creation


Date and Location: 

Thursday November 2, 2023.

Broomfield, Colorado USA.
Omni Hotel (same location as NAWEA/WindTech 2023 Conference)


Meeting Format: 

The meeting will be held in person and there will be an additional follow-on meeting virtually to help coordinate with people that were not able to make the in-person meeting.

Introductory Note

Meeting Agenda

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