Task 41 Deliverable D12: Distributed Wind Data Catalog Development Guide and Instruction

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU) completed this deliverable as part of Work Package 2: Data Information Catalog for Distributed Wind Research (WP2) for the International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme Task 41: Enabling Wind to Contribute to a Distributed Energy Future (IEA Wind Task 41).

WP2 contained three deliverables, structured to help researchers understand the potential data contributors and users in IEA Wind Task 41, what relevant data are currently available, and what data are needed. Additionally, the deliverables enabled PNNL and DTU to document best practices around data collection, reporting, and storage. The culmination of these efforts is a distributed wind data catalog for IEA Wind Task 41 participants.

Download the report.