IEA Wind Task 45 - Deliverable 2.3 - Evaluating Recyclability of wind turbine blades – Suggestions for an evaluation scheme

This document has been prepared in support of IEA Wind Task 45, Subtask 2.1 “Prevention of waste”, Subtask 2.2 on the “Reuse and repurpose of end-of-life wind turbine blades” and Subtask 2.3 on “Recycling and recovery methods”. This document is the outcome of a workshop and a series of meetings gathering experts from academia and industry on the following topics: wind turbine blade materials and design, recycling of wind turbine blades and windfarm operation. The document provides a summary of considerations to evaluate the recyclability of blades and design aspects supporting blade recycling.

The intended audience consists of three main groups: first, project developers, owners, and operators, providing information on how to evaluate the recyclability of blade design alternatives (current blades, operational in the field, and new blades currently being developed). Second, designers, engineers, and manufacturers address how to anticipate recycling in the development of new blades and provide information to generate design solutions. Finally, decommissioners and recyclers, provide considerations to evaluate recovery pathways. This document provides a structured approach to different aspects to be considered.

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