20 September 2018 Vu Thi Le

Task 32 Workshop 10: Turbulence Intensity Measurements with LiDARs – Applications to Loads Verification and Site Suitability

Date: 20. – 21. September 2018

Venue: Ørsted, Gentofte (5 km North of Copenhagen), Denmark

Workshop leader: Ameya Sathe (Ørsted)

Organization team: Eric Simley (NREL), Detlef Stein (Multiversum), David Schlipf (HS Flensburg)

Background to the workshop

Organized by Ørsted and held at their offices in Gentofte, Denmark, this two-day workshop considered how lidar-derived TI could be used for load verification and site suitability. Different methods for estimating TI from lidar measurements were presented by wind turbine manufacturers, lidar suppliers, researchers, and consultants. Barriers to the widespread application of these methods for wind turbine load verification and site suitability studies were identified and potential solutions were discussed.

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  • David Schlipf – Introduction to IEA Wind Task 32
  • Jakob Mann – Turbulence intensity measurements with lidars
  • Cameron Brown – Load Model Validation
  • Ameya Sathe – IEA Task 32 Wind Expert Report – Barriers for LiDAR TI measurements
  • Alfredo Peña – Turbulence characterization from a forward-looking nacelle lidar
  • Scott Wylie – Turbulence Intensity Measurements – Continuous Wave Lidar Manufacturers Perspective
  • Peter Clive – Vector and scalar averaging biases in VAD and DBS lidar measurements
  • Ben Williams – The Application of LiDAR for Offshore Site Assessment
  • Zachary Parker – Turbine Load Assessment Challenges and Opportunities for Remote Sensing
  • Nikolay Dimitrov – Load validation using scanning lidars – experiences from UniTTe project
  • Jens Riechert_Rafael Tavares – Load validation using LiDAR TI – Potential and barriers of different correction methods
  • Peter Clive – Alternatives to Turbulence Intensity for Load Estimation

Additional Documents

Estimating Turbulence Statistics and Parameters from Ground- and Nacelle-Based Lidar Measurements
A. Sathe, R. Banta, L. Pauscher, K. Vogstad, D. Schlipf, S. Wylie.