TEM#113 Net Zero Electricity System Studies

7 February 2024
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7 February 2024 Task 11

TEM#113 Net Zero Electricity System Studies

April 8-9, 2024 


This TEM will bring together international experts on net zero electricity studies to initiate a discussion on the key considerations for a guiding framework on net zero electricity roadmap studies.

While the objective of the meeting will be to publish proceedings for dissemination to policy makers and those executing net zero studies, the discussions will directly inform a continuation Task on grid integration (Task 25), potentially in collaboration with other IEA TCP Tasks. The ultimate objective is the identification and synthesis of current global challenges for net zero electricity pathways, lessons learned, and best practices, in order to provide a resource usable across agencies, jurisdictions, and technologies.


The objective is to analyse and synthesize the findings and methodologies used in international net zero electricity system studies, to better understand their common outcomes and key considerations for achieving a net zero electricity system. A journal article is already under preparation that will be informed by the outcomes of the meeting.

The meeting aims to identify current and foreseeable future challenges and outline observed best practices, potentially in categories aligned with specific aspects of net zero electricity system design. Net zero electricity system design requires expertise well beyond that of the electricity (power) system itself, such that a multi-disciplinary approach must be adopted to ensure robust and comprehensive analysis and decision making. The meeting proceedings should present a draft net zero studies best practices document, outline a plan for dissemination, and specify potential follow up activities such as further, more in-depth work on key aspects of the synthesis and regular updates to the document, as well as a plan for future supports and coordination.


TEM#113 will be held in Dublin (City Centre), hosted by SEAI, on April 8-9, 2024.

The meeting will be co-located with Task 25 and Task 53 meetings (on April 10-11).

Day 1 (Monday) | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (public event + closed session)
Day 2 (Tuesday) | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (breakout sessions)


Camden Court Hotel
Camden Street Dublin 2 – D02 W086

Tentative Program:

The meeting will start with presentations from participants on their experience of net zero studies internationally. The presentations would highlight challenges encountered to set up a net zero electricity system pathway, including knowledge gaps, technological development needs, or procedural difficulties, as well as positive experiences. These presentations would be followed by breakout sessions for specific discussion topics/questions, such as:

  • Future net zero power system modelling – how to take into account wind energy, and other technologies, energy sector coupling with power system, system stability and network congestion (expansion)
  • Key risks associated with the main components of net zero energy system (e.g., variable renewable generation, hydrogen, energy storage, interconnectors, demand flexibility, system balancing, grid-forming converters, etc.). Increased societal reliance placed on “electricity”, due to electrification of heat, transportation, and other sectors
  • Impact of current policies on key energy-related assets (e.g., phase-out of coal reserves and power stations, nuclear power plants, underground gas storage, underground carbon storage, large land area for VREs, interconnectors, network expansion, etc.)
  • Future climate forecasts and their incorporation into net zero electricity system studies.

Introductory Note

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