Upcoming Events

TEM 106 Hydrogen for 100% Renewable Energy Systems

University of Colorado 4001 Discovery Drive, Boulder, CO, United States

OBJECTIVES  The goal of the meeting is to lay the groundwork for a cross-cutting collaboration between the wind, PV and hydrogen TCPs managed by IEA Secretariat. The ultimate goal is to address the specific challenge of 100% renewable energy system and realise the IEA 2050 net zero scenario. SPECIFIC OUTCOMES  This TEM aims to narrow […]

TEM 105 Harmonised LCA for Wind Energy

Wädenswil, Switzerland Wädenswil, Switzerland

OBJECTIVES  The goal of this topical expert meeting is to bring together international experts on the environmental profile of wind energy to initiate a discussion on the key considerations for a guiding framework on life cycle assessment of wind energy. The discussion will center around the topic of quantitative life cycle assessment of wind energy and […]

TCP Universal Meeting 2023

IEA Headquarters Paris 9 rue de la Fédération, Paris, France

Join us for an insightful and collaborative gathering at the upcoming Universal TCP Meeting, taking place alongside the CERT meeting scheduled for October 24-25. This event marks a significant occasion as it marks the first in-person meeting since 2019, offering a unique platform for TCP representatives, CERT delegates, and the IEA Secretariat to converge. Organised […]